Thursday, 11 April 2013

Travel Blog: Australia

9/3/13 - Tablelands Waterfalls

Cairns has so much to see in its region, there's just too much to choose from; Cape Tribulation, Daintree Rainforest, crocodile cruises, rainforest villages, the list goes on.  Of course I'd like to do them all, the only thing stopping me is my budget. We have been job hunting in Cairns but it doesn't seem like there are many jobs around at all.  Granted it is a very small city, and for some reason it feels like all the backpackers in Australia have suddenly gathered here looking for a job.  So as I'm very low on money, I had to do the cheapest tour I could find, which was a tour of the surrounding countryside and waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands.

And of course, it didn't disappoint!  Walking through millions of years old lush rainforests - which are exactly the same rainforests that dinosaurs walked through - to get to huge, gushing waterfalls which we could take a dip in....I'm not sure how that could disappoint to be honest! One of the waterfalls, Milla Milla Falls is so beautiful that film crews are often there, filming advertisements for shampoo etc.

Although the water was very VERY cold, it was lovely and refreshing.  Another part of the tour took us to places looking for a unique Australian animal, the platypus.  Unfortunately the platypus spotting was unsuccessful, which doesn't surprise me as all Australian wildlife seem to hide from me.  The waterfalls were the highlight of the day though, and the landscapes I will never forget.