Friday, 5 April 2013

Travel blog: Australia

20/3/13 - Town of 1770

When booking our East coast trip, 1770 was sold to us by one thing only - the Scooteroo tour.  It sounded so cool, getting to ride choppers through the amazing scenery where we were promised kangaroo sightings. We even get given leather jackets and fake tattoos! It was going to be awesome. Just a short 5 hour drive from Rainbow Beach.

The problem was, we chose the cheaper bus company didn't we, as we're always cheapskates. So the only bus of the day dropped us at our destination at midnight. Which would have been fine if it was in the town centre, but no it was in the absolute middle of nowhere.  A piece of gravel, surrounded by grass and darkness.  Luckily our hostel provided a shuttle service but it was late.  So there we were, about 5 backpackers stood waiting, no phone signal, no civilisation to be seen and one street lamp half a kilometre away.  It was only a matter of time before somebody mentioned 'Wolf Creek'...

And then our shuttle arrived and we were in for another surprise.  Other backpackers were driving us back, and they were crazy French stoners.  So we're all packed in this tiny van, driving down a road for half an hour with not one street light, and we're putting our lives in the hands of a high Frenchman.  All part of the adventure...

Our hostel was actually really cool, with a name like Cool Bananas so it should be! It had a chilled out hippy vibe, with flowers in the toilet and people doing yoga on the grass. And then it rained relentlessly for 2 whole days and our scooter tour got cancelled.  What to do in the tiniest village ever when it rains? Find the pub of course.  Funnily enough there was only one bar, called a tavern, on Tavern Road.

So this whole stop off was pretty pointless. Then we got in the crazy van again at midnight to get on the cheap bus for another 9 hours.  The distances around this country really are something else. I mean, we still haven't left the state, not even close.