Thursday, 11 April 2013

Travel Blog: Australia

28/3/13 - Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is a really beautiful small island off the coast of Townsville, and our hostel was located right on the beach.  It was almost like a resort, if you ignore the part where there were 6 other Irish guys squashed into our non air conditioned room, and the kitchen was infested with huge ants.

Anyways, apart from relaxing and sunbathing in hammocks, there isn't a lot else to do here.  So we decided to go on a hike, as the island is half national park and has lots of wildlife (cough cough koalas!!) So we climbed one of the tracks, called The Forts, and although the views were very rewarding the koalas eluded me again. That's twice we've done a walk and been promised wild koala sightings, and I've been disappointed. However the rock wallabies almost made up for it; a wild colony of rock wallabies, obviously tamed for years, ate straight out of our hands! They were extremely cute and we even saw  little joeys close up popping out of their pouches.

And that's about it for Magnetic Island! We only stayed for 2 days anyway....our last stop, Cairns is next on the agenda.