Friday, 6 November 2015

Washhouse: Manchester's Dirtiest Speakeasy

I've always wanted to go to a speakeasy bar - and since there was so much hype about The Washhouse when it opened earlier in the year, I was excited to check it out. I made a reservation for my birthday and (when we finally found it) had a brilliant night.

Once you actually find the building, step into the laundry and then you'll have to figure out how to be let into the hidden bar. But it's all part of the fun - even the website is disguised as a laundry too.

Yep, you have to delve past the dirty knickers...

Inside you're led to your table and I was really shocked at just how tiny the place is. There are only a few booths, and the intimacy really makes it feel exclusive. Of course, the most impressive thing about The Washhouse is the cocktails - the menu is wasted on you if you decide to go for a beer or spirit and mixer. We decided to be daring and choose some of the most innovative mixology wonders, including cocktails with cakes, popping candy and sugar puffs. As my other half is a cocktail bartender himself, he's hard to impress but couldn't fault the unique concoctions.

My favourite was the 50 Shades - trust me I'm no fan of the books but this little beauty is hard to resist. It even comes complete with a real rose - it's the little extra touches on each cocktail which really make the experience first class.

This is a dark drinking den you should definitely check out - just be sure to make a reservation first - and it books up fast. 

Whoops..looks like I broke the first rule! But I had to share it with you... Jx