Monday, 7 December 2015

Gig Review: Mumford and Sons, Manchester Arena


I've barely seen the arena as lively as it was last night for the return of folk rockers Mumford and Sons. Frontman Marcus even said it was the best gig they've done in ages...(do they say that to all the crowds though?!)

The talented musicians had a treasure trove of instruments filling the stage, and Marcus himself switched between most of them while singing the band's back catalogue of hits. Their new music has taken a slower, electronic pace recently but Mumford and Sons made sure they still treated the crowd to their foot stomping roots - everyone was on their feet for Little Lion Man, The Cave and I Will Wait.

Marcus has so much energy on the stage - and off it. During one track he decides to get down on the floor, run down the side of the arena and then pushes himself through the crowd of revellers all the way back to the stage. For the encore though they slow it down, taking to a small stage at the back of the arena and performing a short acoustic set.

Mumford and Sons certainly put on a good show - is it possible not to clap your hands and stomp your feet to most of their tunes?! A dreary Sunday evening was transformed into a thrilling hoe down... Catch the band if you can on their world tour.