Sunday, 19 April 2015

Restaurant Review: Fazenda, Spinningfields

Last night Rik and I had a Saturday night off together (a rare occurrence) and so decided to head into town and try out one of the many new restaurants in Spinningfields.  We were spoilt for choice with so many amazing eateries in the area, but we decided on the rodizio style restaurant Fazenda - mainly due to our love of meat!

Rik refusing a beard-on photo

I have to say I'm at a loss for words at this place. When seated we were explained how it all worked, with the carvers continuously coming to your table with fresh cuts of meat until you turned your card over to red for a break. We were quite greedy so we were mostly on green to be honest! I have a never ending stomach so an all you can eat situation like this is pretty dangerous for me!

On to the actual meats - they were out of this world. All the beef/steak cuts were cooked to juicy medium rare perfection (although they will take requests if you prefer it a different way). I never expected to be eating large chunks of fillet steak on tap, or trying chicken hearts which are a Brazilian delicacy. The staff who came to the table to carve the meat were also extremely friendly and really made an effort to make you feel at ease and answer any questions about the meats being served.

With so much attention paid to the rotating meats, you'd be forgiven in thinking that the sides would be somewhat lacking in variety or quality. But yet again Fazenda performed better than expected, with skin-on fries being delivered to the table and an all-you-can-eat salad, rice, bread and vegetable bar to accompany the main event.

We couldn't sample the desserts as of course - we had stuffed our faces too much - but for those who intend to leave room the menu looked lovely. Fazenda gets five stars from me for the food, the service and the value for money. We'll be back!
Manchester is becoming an incredible dining destination - does anyone have any suggestions where we could try for our next date night? J x
**As always I haven't been sponsored or offered any freebies for this post, all views are my own and impartial**