Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Travel Blog: Thailand

12th November - Koh Phi Phi

We started our day by climbing to 'The Viewpoint' and I guaruntee those 10,0000000000+ steps are worth it! Right in the peak of the mountains, you get a perfectly clear view of the bays mentioned previously, with the turquoise sea lapping the beaches from both sides plus a backdrop of sky high jungly cliffs.  Words don't really do it justice, and neither does a camera but it's better than nothing:

After the hike we rewarded ourselves with a relaxing day on a secluded beach cove.  Nothing else to report as of yet except Rik is in heaven because there's a ridiculous amount of Italian food here.  Oh and we had a slight cockraoch incident last night...luckily my hero advanced on the nearest shop to get some spray and kill the mofo.  He also enjoys killing mosquitoes with his bare hands...I love him!