Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Travel Blog: Dubai

30th November 2012

I want to skip Dubai really because we were only there for about 3/4 of a day and feel I can't write a lot about it.  But I can't make a travel blog and skip bits can I?

My first thoughts of the city are mixed - from the sky, as the plane is landing,the towering buildings like something from a NYC landscape, but then the urban metropolis disintegrates into sand and I am reminded that I am, in fact, in the middle of a desert.  On the ground, the buildings aren't quite as impressive, (except for the Burj Khalifa of course) and we walked around all day without finding The Palm or even a glimpse of the sea. Gutted!  

On the bright side, we did find the aquarium in the centre of the Dubai Mall and that was lots of fun.  The Mall was surely 10 times the size of The Trafford Centre in Manchester, and the food court was 5 times bigger and 100 times cleaner! That's one thing you notice in UAE; it's very clean.  So the Mall was of course full of designer shops, which if you ask me, look very strange with Arabs shopping in them! It just looks like a massive oxymoron, you don't expect those kinds of people to be materialistic but there they are in their hummer with their Versace bags....

Now we are sat in the most amazing airport, on reclining chairs, both of us writing our journals as we managed to be 5 hours early for our flight to Bangkok. So, I'll leave it there for this city but one thing I will say about Dubai is they love a good water feature, and they must be some of the most impressive in the world.  Oh, and I didn't enjoy all the staff we encountered ignoring me and speaking directly to Rik! Sorry, 'Sir Rik.' Errr hello?!! Yes, UAE is a man's world but fool them that the hotel booking was in MY name, and I had all the money to pay for stuff. So ha. Also, here are just a selection of the words Rik used for the currency, which is Dirhams:

  • Dunhams
  • Dunhelms
  • Derkers!
[Funniest thing was, when we arrived in Bangkok he started calling their currency, 
Baht, Dirhams].