Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Travel Blog: Goodbye to Thailand...

Monday 19th November - Koh Phi Phi - Bangkok

We chose the perfect day to leave Koh Phi Phi.  The weather was cloudy with showers, and hellishly humid.  Much like when we arrived, but the seven days inbetween have been glorious.  It usually rains during the night while we lie in bed, and it's quite nice listening to our bungalow get battered - until we find a few leaks in the morning!

Saying bye to Phi Phi was hard, we'd become so attached to it! It's the longest we've stayed anywhere for nearly a month.  It really was the purest form of paradise I've ever seen, which can be said for most of the Thai islands.  Their beaches are plentiful and unspoilt, no teenagers whizzing round on jet skis and banana boats.  And the lush landscapes inbetween the beaches are just as pretty.

Bet HERE is definitely not.
Here we are again, on one of our ridiculous night journeys.  We decided to get the train, you get a sleeper bed to yourself and presumably it's the fastest form of transport.  Boat and bus to Suratthani train station all ran smoothly.  Then on arrival, we get told our train is 2 hours delayed, and we already had an hour wait.  Now this train station is not somewhere you want to be, for 2-3 hours, at nightfall.  It' laughable they can call it a major train station.  The arrivals and departures are written on a whiteboard. There is one tiny shop.  Squat toilets, again.  And did I mention the RATS?  What makes this journey particularly worse is that it isn't worth all this.  We're heading back to Bangkok, where we really don't want to be!  Then we have a 9 hour flight to look forward to. (With Emirates at least, so we'll have a pleasant journey for that haha).

However much I'll miss Thailand's beauty, I am ready for a change of scenery.  On our last night in Phi Phi we agreed we was going to eat some Thai food, until we saw a Grill Joint....all you can eat BBQ?! How could we resist.  So we ate there and said it was to prepare our bodies for Aus, where they eat a lot of meat and bqqs all the time. Yay!  But I'll miss all the little things...taking off your flip flops every time you walk into a shop or restaurant, saying 'Sawadee Kaaaaa,' getting massages whenever I feel like it, hearing Gangnam Style every day.  However there's not much to miss of Khoa San Road or Bangkok, as there's only so many times you can politely say "No I don't want to buy a suit/lighter/wooden frog/spinny light thing," "No I don't want a tuk tuk" and "No I do not want to see a ping pong sex show!!"

I'm really excited to see Sydney now, and we have booked our Sydney Harbour bridge climb, so we will see it from the best possible view!

But for now, there's only one thing left to do....say Farewell to Thailand!  I was going to do this by eating a cricket, and posting the proof here, but once again we couldn't find the stand last night!! :( I'm half happy half relieved about this.

Goodbye Bangkok, G'day Sydney! x