Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Travel Blog: Thailand

Viking Resort, Koh Phi Phi

It is hard to describe this amazing place, so I'll just put it simply:

Bamboo huts, in trees, with a beachview.  Everything is made of wood, from the bed to the clothes hangers.  We have a terrace/balcony with a huge hammock, and lots of cute hanging shell mobiles.  It is the only room we've stayed in so far with a fridge, which is filled with drinks, and where breakfast is included every morning. There is one downfall - STILL not hot water - but I'm quite enjoying washing my hair in the sea now, especially as there's 2 private beaches to choose from. So we originally booked 3 nights as it's a bit pricey, but as soon as we were shown to our room I fell in love, so we went back down to recpetion to book another 3 nights.  This takes us up to when we have to leave for Bangkok.

So that night, we went into the village for dinner and what did we come home to? A cockroach infestation.  I freaked out, as we had run out of the killing spray from last time!  Luckily reception had some brought up for us, which did the job (and now we're fully stocked up for emergencies!)  It may sound silly that I wanted to stay here, in this all-natural resort, yet not want to share it with these creepy crawlies.  Why didn't I expect this?! I don't know.  I guess paradise comes at a cost, which I'm willing to pay.  Anyway, we've not had much trouble since so fingers crossed they've learnt their lesson.