Sunday, 27 January 2013

Travel Blog: Australia Day!

January 28th - Brisbane

So this weekend we got to experience the phenomenon known as Australia Day and weekend. There was lots of things planned around the city, and the stage was set for a major piss up.
Then cyclone Oswald arrived, and it was not a Happy Australia Day for Queensland.

Saturday wasn't too bad for Brisbane - continuous rain, but that wasn't stopping us from going out drinking in the city! Both of our shifts at work got cancelled, as it was too quiet, so we just met up with a few friends. It was an OK night, but nothing special - the weather really had put a lot of people off coming out. Not the Aussie dream one has in mind, especially as by this stage floods had swept through North Queensland.

Sunday it hit us bad. People were advised not to leave the house as the winds were so dangerous. But we were very bored and decided to brave it and walk to Pizza Hut. It was only around the corner and as Rik said, "we are manc! It is only a bit of rain." Haha. But it was not only a bit, and soon enough my work rang me to confirm they are closing for the next 2 days as they will probably flood. The most annoying thing about this is I lose my double pay shift on the public holiday today. And I REALLY need the money to get out of Brisbane, but it seems like the world is against us.

I am currently writing this in a blackout. The cyclone has taken out our power, thank goodness the tablet was fully charged. No hot water, no electricity, all our food ruined...
But at least we're not flooded. So many others are, and it has claimed lives.

So, Happy Australia day. I presume we're going to spend it playing cards.