Sunday, 27 January 2013

Travel Blog: Australia

January 8th - Brisbane

I'm starting to feel trapped here and my brain is always off wondering where we could travel to next.

The last 2 books I have read have mentioned a town in India called Pondicherry. Now isn't that a massive coincidence? Never heard of the town before, never been interested in India and now 2 consecutive books introduce me to it.
The first was 'Backpack' by Emily Barr, which I picked up in Thailand. It sounds cliche thanks to a terrible title, about a girl travelling alone around South East Asia, but it was a surprisingly refreshing, clever murder mystery. The second you have probably guessed from the recent bkockbuster - Yann Martell's 'Life of Pi.' Reading, then watching the story was an amazing experience and has confirmed my longing for Pondicherry. The book I read before these was ALSO set mainly in India. Now, I've never planned on going to India, but it looks to me like fate is giving me a sign, and pointing to Pondicherry.

Of course, Rik doesn't want to go. But I have 10 months to persuade him.
(And my digestive system....what the hell would I eat in India?!)