Sunday, 17 March 2013

Travel Blog: Australia

11th March - Mooloolaba

So we are finally out of Brisbane!! Hoorah.
We worked for what felt like eternity, lived in a skanky hostel, and I didn't post for a while because there was absolutely nothing interesting to write about.  We made friends and had lots of fun, but it was no different to working in a bar and having a few good nights out back in the UK.  So we scraped our money together and now here we are on the infamous Aussie backpacker route known as the East Coast.  We have a mini stop off here in Mooloolaba (good luck saying that first time round) just to go to Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.  It was a brilliant day, I almost forgot how much of a legend he was and all that he did for wildlife education.  His family still take a lead role in the running of the zoo, and there was a live show where the keepers enticed the crocodiles out of the water to attack, just like Steve did on his T.V. programme Crocodile Hunter.  I also got my koala fix haha!  Not to mention the once in a lifetime opportunity to hold a baby alligator and a not-so-baby python.  It was a great day, and it just feels so nice to be out of the city.  We have already adapted rather easily to the beach bum lifestyle!