Thursday, 10 October 2013

Travel Blog: I got lazy

I admit I have been very slack with keeping the blog up to date recently.  But I have a very good excuse.  As the last few weeks of my travel adventure approached, I decided I was going to live the experience, immerse myself into it 24/7, rather than make time to get behind a laptop and write about it.  My travel schedule was so hectic, and I didn't want to be that person checking every single bar, restaurant or hostel for wifi.  I didn't feel the need to share with the world where I was, or what exciting new experiences I came across.  They were my last, precious moments and I was going to savour them.

And I did.

That doesn't mean my blog will be unfinished, I will happily record everything when I am home, in approximately 8 hours.  Maybe I'm still on "Fiji Time," but I just don't see the rush! The words and memories are in my head, they are going nowhere, so they don't need to be written in the very moment and exact location as to where the events happened.

So just in case anyone is on the edge of their seat (I highly doubt it) don't worry - the stories are coming.