Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Travel Blog: Australia


As of today, the working part of my working holiday visa is over. And it feels so sweet! I've done quite a few jobs round the country, in some I've been incredibly lucky and others not so much. But I've learned a lot from it. Like in my telesales job, I realised Aussies don't live up to their laid back reputation - especially when you cold call them. I would call incredible places like Rainbow Road, in Sunshine, and I can assure you the residents were NOT full of sunny happy rays. But, as my Dad said that crappy job was not a waste of time, it was 'character building'. That was one way to look at it I suppose!

On the other hand I have been extremely lucky in other jobs. Using my background in hospitality I could do work I find easy for double the wages I get back home. I also worked in a wine bar in Melbourne, where almost every day I got to taste a variety of local Australian wines. For free! I did want to do a vineyard tour when I first arrived, but there was no point after working there. I also learnt a lot about wine and cheese, so I am returning home a lot more cultured! I also learnt the art of making coffee- an extremely difficult process for any beginner, especially one who doesn't drink it. And in the coffee capital, Melbourne, the pressure was on! I found it so bemusing that people would come into a wine bar purely for coffee, but they often did. It was hard at first but when I got the hang of it I really enjoyed being a barista.( Ok I probably shouldn't go as far as to call myself a barista, I couldn't make pretty patterns in the top but I never had a coffee sent back and that's good enough for me). Of course there were stressful moments, there always are in hospitality, but hopefully I should never have to do it again. I've met lots of amazing people and the ups and downs were worth it to fund my travels.

And now that's all there is left to do...travel. ♥