Thursday, 18 February 2016

Restaurant Review: Date Night at Est Est Est

So let's make one thing clear before I start this post - I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. That's right, I'm one of those cynics who says that V Day is a load of commercial crap (and I'm right!) The hubby to be and I have never really bought cards or gifts for one another, or gone out on the day itself, and it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

But this year, we did end up going out on 14th February - only because it was Rik's only day off work that week! We rarely get a date day these days so we were looking forward to it, and had just decided to go to the cinema and for a meal at the Trafford Centre. We decided to try Est Est Est because neither of us had been before. Also there was 25% off prosecco which was an added bonus...

Of course the TC was rammed, which was a bit annoying, (this is why we refuse to go out on V day) and we had to be squeezed in by the hostess because we hadn't booked ahead. The menu is really varied, and where I'd usually go for a pizza I decided to be different and try a chicken dish. I was really impressed when the chicken breast was served in a heart shape! The romantic in me isn't dead after all.

I really enjoyed my meal but Rik's wasn't as great. He also went for chicken - an escalope with spaghetti. But it kind of looked like a kiddy meal! The pasta was really dry so there was no sauce at all on the chicken. This would have been fine for me as I kind of love dry food but Rik would have preferred it smothered in sauce. So Est Est Est only got a thumbs up from me, but I think we should go again and try something different on the menu as we'd probably enjoy it a bit more.

In terms of the restaurants on offer at the Trafford Centre, I reckon this is still one of the nicest and offers good value for money. I bet they do really good pizzas, calzones and pasta dishes - it's just a shame we didn't get to try them out.

What did you do for Valentine's weekend? Are you the opposite of me and like to do something extra special (and pay premium price hikes)?! J x