Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Greek Island Escape

I've just returned home from a really lovely, relaxing family holiday in Greece. Sometimes when I see the beauty of the Greek islands, I wonder why I'd ever want to travel further afield to more exotic places.

We visited the island of Kos, probably one of the most popular of the country's 277 inhabited islands. The reason why I love Greece is because it has a bit of everything: gorgeous beaches, vibrant hubs with restaurants and shops and plenty of history and architecture. In Kos you can actually visit the Tree of Hippocrates, where the Greek father of medicine used to teach his pupils. It's apparently stood there for over 2,000 years!

In Kos there's also an opportunity to go island hopping, as there are lots of other islands close by, dotted across the glittering Aegean Sea. We went out for a full day on a boat trip, where we got the chance to explore a small, traditional Greek community and swim in the crystal water. We even saw dolphins from the boat - I didn't even know there were dolphins in Europe?! 

You can also go on a day trip to Bodrum in Turkey, as it is only a short boat ride from Kos. We didn't get around to that as we were too busy trying (and failing) to tan our English skin....

Another highlight of the holiday was riding around on a tandem bike! We got to rent out this beauty for the entire day for just $5. Everything, including food and local drinks, was really reasonable but the bike hire was a real bargain. We were staying in Lambi and it's really bike friendly - they have cycle lanes down the main road and the beach road, straight into Kos town. 

It was so much fun, we got the technique down pretty quickly and I'm definitely looking into hiring a romantic tandem for the wedding!

But the main reason we went on holiday was to celebrate my Mum and Dad's 30th wedding anniversary. They made it all the way to their Pearl, which is pretty incredible! To celebrate we drove up into the hills, to one of the island's best restaurants, to soak up the spectacular sunset view - I'll do a separate post about that!

Every Greek island is different and I'd like to explore them all! Next on my wishlist is Skiathos and Santorini... 
What's your favourite Greek island? Any recommendations? J x