Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What to Wear to a Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing, and I have to admit I really do love it. I've always enjoyed weddings, and now that I'm planning my own I find them even more exciting, and take more notice of all the tiny little details and efforts that go into such a special event.

However being a wedding guest can take its toll on the old wardrobe and wallet...especially if you have quite a few weddings to go to in the same year. You can't exactly wear the same outfit twice! It's also a bit of a dilemma if you're only going to the wedding reception - do you still need to get as dressed up, or will everyone have changed into flat shoes by then?! Is wearing white still out of the question in the evening?

I recently went shopping for a new outfit for a wedding reception, even though I'd promised myself I couldn't buy anything new. There isn't much on the high street at all at the moment when it comes to occasionwear, as all the stores have summer sales on beachwear and are introducing the A/W lines. It was hard work, but Miss Selfridge came to the rescue, as it often does.

For the night...

I found this mint bodycon dress, which I thought was a lovely pastel colour for a summer wedding, and a bit of a steal at £28. 

For the day...

But while I was there I also tried on another outfit which was absolutely gorgeous. I decided it was more of a 'day wedding guest' ensemble, so decided to buy it for the next wedding I'm attending next March! No harm in being prepared ;) Plus it was in the sale, so how could I refuse?! I think the colour and fancy jacquard fabric scream wedding, and the two piece is a bit different from the standard dress most guests choose to wear.

What do you think about wedding fashion - have you found any bargains? Please share them! J x